Your Smartphone as Your Identity


(OTTAWA) March 27, 2018 – Bluink Ltd. and Crypto4A Inc., are pleased to announce an agreement to promote a joint solution of Bluink’s e-ID-Me e-Identity and authentication solution and Crypto4A’s Security Processing Appliance (SPA). Bluink selected Crypto4A based on the versatility of our solution offering that consolidates multiple security benefits and capabilities in a single appliance. The SPA provides an active tamper resistant environment to host key components of the eID-Me services. The resulting offering provides a highly-secure mobile identity and authentication offering, while being deployed on a single appliance; a significant cost-saving to the end customer.

Bluink Ltd. is an Ottawa-based software company specializing in identity and access management solutions for consumers and enterprises, based on a standard smartphone as the strong authentication and secure identity store.

Crypto4A is a Canadian firm advancing the way cybersecurity is delivered. Crypto4A quantum-ready cybersecurity solutions significantly improves protection for Cloud, mobile, loT, Industrial IoT, Fintech, government and military application deployments in today’s challenging and ever-changing environments.

Together, the two companies are developing a solution designed to provide a high assurance environment that will encapsulate the e-ID-Me registration and identity services leveraging the SPA’s Next Generation Hardware Security Module (NG-HSM). All cryptographic functions will be performed within the NG-HSM. Functions will range from leveraging a certificate authority, digital signatures, key signing operations and key protection. All functions execute within the SPA ensuring that all services are performed within the physical boundaries of the SPA. The SPA simplifies the complexity of security zoning, eliminates exposure of critical functions and keys, all while strictly enforcing access control policies. “Working with Crypto4A’s SPA will provide the eID-Me solution with unprecedented security”, says Bluink’s CEO, Steve Borza. The HSM will provide high assurance digital signatures on the eID-Me identity certificates and the ability to migrate to alternative cryptographic algorithms (including quantum resistant algorithms), should the state-of-the-art demands evolve. “Bluink’s registration and identity services will be encapsulated within the tamper-proof boundary of the SPA”, adds Crypto4A’s President and CTO, Bruno Couillard.

The eID-Me app enhances a user’s privacy and security by only revealing the information required to prove their identity. At an LCBO counter, confirmation that the user is at least 19 years of age can be verified without revealing other personal information such as their date of birth or even their home address. The often lengthy hospital registration process or health clinic can be reduced to seconds using eID-Me credentials stored in a user’s smartphone.

The eID-Me solution is based on various NIST-approved standards. Protocols for identity proofing, biometric Application Programming Interface (BioAPI) including the entropy for Random Number Generator (RNG) on the NG-HSM are all based on NIST’s standards.

About Crypto4A Inc.

Crypto4A is a Canadian company advancing the way cybersecurity is delivered. Crypto4A’s high assurance and quantum-ready platform significantly enhances the protection of Cloud, loT, Industrial IoT (IIoT), FinTech, government and military application deployments in today’s ever-changing environments. Our Security Processing Appliance (SPA) simplifies the management of security infrastructure with ease of configuration, simplified deployment, and trusted remote/patch management. At the heart of the SPA is, Crypto4A’s next generation hardware security module (NG-HSM) that delivers cryptographic agility that encapsulates sensitive information within the cryptographic boundary while ensuring quantum computing readiness. Crypto4A solutions include Entropy as a Service (EaaS) solutions based on the emerging NIST’s EaaS standards enabling our partners access to advances means to deploy and support quantum-ready key generation technologies optimized for IoT and mobile devices.

About Bluink Inc.

luink is an Identity and Access Management company with solutions based on phone-as-a-token technologies. Bluink sells Enterprise Single Sign-On and MFA solutions as well as Citizen focused e-Identity.  Bluink is contracted with the Ontario government to develop an e-Identity platform that allows for remote registration of Citizens, and the ability to use your smartphone as an e-driver’s license, health card and other government-issued ID. This e-Identity can be used online, mobile and in Face-to-Face applications.


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