Crypto4A Launches Industry-First “Root of QAOS™” Entropy Appliance at RSAC 2019


Crypto4A Inc. a Canadian cybersecurity solution provider is pleased to announce the availability of an industry-first, dedicated Entropy appliance, known simply as the “Root of QAOS” based on NIST’s Entropy-as-a-Service (EaaS) reference architecture at the 2019 RSA Conference.

Crypto4A’s “Root of QAOS” entropy appliance provides multiple sources (including quantum-based) of trusted, self-monitored and high-quality entropy in a single QAOS™ appliance to serve any number of internal and external systems. QAOS can be deployed on-premise or offered As-a-Service to deliver certified and trusted entropy required for data centers, cloud providers, enterprise computing platforms, IoT and/or embedded devices.

Root of QAOSs’ open-source EaaS client provides easy access, simplified integration and rapid deployment to a wide range of platforms and devices allowing trusted and scalable access to high-quality entropy to meet the needs of today’s modern computing environments and devices.

Bruno Couillard, CEO and Co-Founder of Crypto4A states, “Times have changed. In today’s world, many of our modern digital systems are embedded devices, IoT devices or cloud-based virtual machines running over complex and dynamic software-defined networks with little or no access to proper entropy. These systems can’t rely on entropy to be derived from user interactions or from an available ‘internal noise’ source of their own” Bruno adds, “The old assumption that you could leverage a user as an ‘easily-accessible and high-quality source of entropy in a digital system’, no longer holds. Given the importance of strong cryptographic key pairs to the security of today’s distributed computing environments, a lack of high-quality entropy sources for the benefit of our growing digital economy should be addressed. This is particularly troubling given that high-quality entropy is now a critical security issue facing every facet of our digital economy.”

Those sentiments are reinforced by John Scott, CEO of 2Keys, an ISO 27001 Canadian Managed Security Services Provider: “We are embedding Root of QAOS entropy appliances within our own MSSP environments. Increasing trust, security and confidence in our environment allows both our clients and 2Keys to operate with higher levels of resilience and the deployment of more secure, user-friendly applications.”


Crypto4A’s “Root of QAOS” entropy appliance will be available (late Q2) directly from Crypto4A’s Ottawa-based operation. For further technical information or product-related inquiries, please contact

About Crypto4A Inc.

Crypto4A was founded in 2012 by four Canadian experts in the field of information security and cryptography for commercial and military applications. Bruno Couillard, Jean-Pierre Fiset, Jim Goodman and Brad Ritchie, who collectively have over 100 years of direct experience in this field, were instrumental in the design of the first generation of commercial hardware security modules. For further information on this release or any other information on Crypto4A, please contact