Crypto4A is a Canadian company advancing the way cybersecurity is delivered. Crypto4A’s high-assurance & quantum-ready platform significantly enhances the protection of Cloud, loT, Industrial IoT (IIoT), FinTech, government and military application deployments in today’s ever-changing environments. Our Universal CyberSecurity Platform (UCSP) simplifies the management of security infrastructure with ease of configuration, simplified deployment, and trusted remote/patch management. At the heart of the UCSP is Crypto4A’s next generation hardware security module (NG-HSM) that delivers cryptographic agility which encapsulates sensitive information within the cryptographic boundary while ensuring quantum computing readiness.

Crypto4A solutions include Entropy as a Service (EaaS) based on NIST’s emerging EaaS standard. This capability enables our partners access to an advanced means of deployment and support for quantum-ready key generation technologies optimized for IoT and mobile devices.

Bruno Couillard
Co-founder, President & CTO

With more than 30 years in the security industry, Bruno Couillard, P.Eng., brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of technology and cybersecurity.  He is best known for his leading role in the development of the Luna hardware security module (HSM) and as the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Chrysalis-ITS (Gemalto). Bruno contributed in defining the PKCS#11 Standard, the API to cryptographic tokens.

From 2003 to 2016, as President and CTO of BC5 Consulting, Bruno served as a consultant for the Canadian federal government focused on security projects.  He led the security design and evaluation of multiple high assurance military security products, has served with the Canadian delegation on NATO standardization committees, and has been involved with the Canadian Cryptographic Modernization Program since its inception as one of its lead senior architects.

Bruno has authored patents on security of root key transfer; time stamping; time synchronization; amongst others, and continues to develop new ones to this day. He is recognized as a thought leader in the cybersecurity space, is often quoted in journals and has been invited to speak at a multitude of conferences.

Bruno also served 10 years as a Telecommunications Officer for the Canadian Armed Forces where he earned his Electrical Engineering degree from the Royal Military College of Canada. 

Jean-Pierre Fiset
Co-founder, Principal System Architect

Jean-Pierre Fiset is a software engineer with 25+ years of experience, specializing in secure systems. He has developed a depth of knowledge from driver development to architecture of distributed systems. He is the main architect of Nunaliit, an open source framework development used for deploying distributed online GIS systems to gather and visualize geographic data.  Jean-Pierre has continuously been involved with various other open source projects such as OpenLayers, Handlebars, jQuery, Subclipse and the SVG team for Mozilla. During his career, Jean-Pierre has participated and directed teams of developers in products dealing with secure messaging, authentication, data visualization and distributed systems.  He served in senior software engineering roles with Chrysalis-ITS, Entrust and Department of National Defense (DND).

Jean-Pierre served 10 years as a Signal Officer for the Canadian Armed Forces where he earned a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, specialized in Computer, from the Royal Military College of Canada.

Jim Goodman Ph.D.
Co-founder, Principal Security Architect

Jim has 20+ years of experience developing software, firmware and hardware for security-related products including his contribution in the design and development of next-generation game console security features.  He played a key role in the definition of the Displayport interface and its security features and was one of the security architects for Chrysalis-ITS’ security processor. Jim is a sought-after consultant and trusted advisor to a variety of clients both in the public and private sectors. Jim authored various journal papers and book chapters on the subject of cryptography and encryption as well as having written numerous conference papers.  He has also developed several functions that have received patents.

Jim holds a Ph.D. and Master’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where his research focused on cryptographic algorithm design and implementation. In addition, he holds a Bachelor of Applied Science, Electrical Engineering, from the University of Waterloo.

Brad Ritchie
Co-founder, Principal Software Architect

Brad Ritchie is a seasoned software architect and developer, specializing in highly secure embedded software. He has spent over 30 years designing and implementing software on multiple computer platforms. Brad led the software team at Chrysalis-ITS that designed an HSM (hardware security module) that went on to become one of the most widely deployed HSMs in the world. Products built from this design are still in use today. Since that time, Brad has continued to explore new security technologies and challenges, primarily as a consultant to various public and private sector organizations including Emcon Emanation Control Limited, Elytra Enterprises Inc., DND, Allen-Vanguard and EMSEC Solutions Inc.

Brad holds a Bachelor of Applied Science, Systems Design Engineering, from the University of Waterloo.